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#39: Making Documentation Sexy – Juan Luis Cano | Read the Docs
Juan introduces us why we should think about documentation as an empathy, what are the tools to enable simple and clear documentation, and what are the principles to abide when documenting.
#38: Open Government & Open Data Barcelona | Carles Agusti i Hernandez
Learn how Barcelona has become smarter since the launch of Open Government & Open Data initiatives from its creator and one of the 50 best Smart City experts, Carles Agusti i Hernandez!
#37 Intersection between Data and Management | Javier Granda, Glovo
Further growing your data career into leadership positions is a path with many new dimensions. In this episode, we chatted with Javier on his journey from an individual data contributor to a product data team manager.
#36 ML Ops: Data Models into Production | Adria Salvador, Glovo
Why such a big gap between machine learning model development and production? What are the big challenges and how are they being solved? Adrià Salvador, lead of the Data Science Productivisation team at Glovo, is here with us today to share his tricks and tips in the field of ML Ops.
#35 Personal Branding as Data Scientists | Admond Lee
Admond Lee gives us a tour on how he went about developing his own image and brand as a data scientist- how he started with publishing in Medium and Toward Data Science, to teaching data science personal branding courses, to speaking at meetups and events, and to seeking mentorship...
#34 AI Against Global Diseases | Eduardo Peire, AI Scope
Eduardo Peire and his team at AI Scope are developing an app, powered by computer vision Deep Learning algorithms. By connecting a phone to a microscope, the app automatically detects infectious diseases, reducing the cost and increasing the scale of diagnostic for people in vulnerable environments.
#33 Data Science in Marketing, and Women in Data | Alicia Horsch
Data Science in the world of marketing. How does marketing effectiveness get measured? How do we develop metrics and models to shape decisions? Is data science really science? Join our conversation with Alicia to talk about her experience working as a data science in Social Point.
#32: print(‘hello light’) Data Science In Renewables | Pablo Rosado, Holaluz
Holaluz is a renewable energy provider in Spain and today their Sr. Data Scientist Pablo Rosado is sharing his challenging experience of working in the industry. Messy data and fast-paced environment surprise anyone who's used to build neural nets on perfectly clean datasets...


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