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#43: Ethical Investment Made Easy with Blockchain | Jori Armbruster, Ethichub
EthicHub uses blockchain and cryptocurrencies to enable socially responsible investment for everyone that supports solvent coffee farmers around the world. How exactly does it work? Is this investment risky? And what the hell is "blockchain peer-to-peer crowdlending"?! Find out now!
#42: Product Carbon Footprint | Simon Hohenadl, ClimatePartner
CTO Simon Hohenadl is here to introduce us how ClimatePartner helps companies calculate their carbon footprints and offset their emissions, and how consumers can be empowered to make informed purchases with zero carbon footprint.
#41: Ethical AI | Gemma Galdon-Clavell, Eticas Consulting
With more and more decision making being outsourced to algorithms, the need for ethical tech is greater than ever. Learn about how Eticas Consulting assesses and retrains AI systems making machine learning more inclusive and fair while increasing metric performance!
#40: Data Powered Circular Fashion | Maddi Eckert, Trove
Join the conversation with Maddi, from Trove, to discover how data is powering up Trove’s sustainable fashion impact at scale
#39: Making Documentation Sexy | Juan Luis Cano , Read the Docs
Juan introduces us why we should think about documentation as an empathy, what are the tools to enable simple and clear documentation, and what are the principles to abide when documenting.
#38: Open Government & Open Data Barcelona | Carles Agusti i Hernandez
Learn how Barcelona has become smarter since the launch of Open Government & Open Data initiatives from its creator and one of the 50 best Smart City experts, Carles Agusti i Hernandez!
#37 Intersection between Data and Management | Javier Granda, Glovo
Further growing your data career into leadership positions is a path with many new dimensions. In this episode, we chatted with Javier on his journey from an individual data contributor to a product data team manager.
#36 ML Ops: Data Models into Production | Adria Salvador, Glovo
Why such a big gap between machine learning model development and production? What are the big challenges and how are they being solved? Adrià Salvador, lead of the Data Science Productivisation team at Glovo, is here with us today to share his tricks and tips in the field of ML Ops.


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