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#30: AI-Powered & Sustainable Cities | Apu Kumar, CITYDATA
Citydata.ai aims at making small cities with limited budget smarter and more sustainable, using AI-powered solutions that respect privacy, and working hand in hand with the agenda of Sustainable Development Goals.
#29: Envisioning The Automated | Marc Verbenkov
The impact of technology advancement on unemployment is always a hotly debated topic. What is technology consultant and futurist Marc’s perspective on it? This episode is a macro vision of data and technology and its potential impact into the future.
#28: Making Coding (Really) For Everyone | Vincent van Grondelle, MigraCode
If you find learning to code difficult, this episode is here to motivate you. Vincent van Grondelle tells us about MigraCode, an open-access coding academy that teaches migrants from all over the world to become full-stack developers and find employment in Europe.
#27: Ethics by Design – Data Powered Mental Health | Ollie Smith, Alpha Health
While holding your doubts about businesses abusing user data and finding cleavage in privacy regulations, there are companies that set the standard high and put ethics first. Learn about Alpha Health, a tech-driven startup...
#26: Data Workers of the World, Unite! | Reinier Tromp, The Data Union
Just like labor unions used collective power to pressure capitalist firms and governments to create better conditions for the workers, a data union aims at creating better conditions for data producers, aka internet users just like you and me.
25: (Non-)Traditional Education & Finding Your Passion | Jan Carbonell, Akademy.AI
If you are one of those people who are/were lost while being a student, then welcome to our club, you’re not the only one. How to find your calling while still being at the university? Should you join a bootcamp? And why the hell are they so expensive?! This is the time to answer all of your questions!
#24: “It’s Only One Straw”, Said 8 Billion People | Oriol Segarra, Youbumerang
Plastics... The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a waste island filled with plastics and of size up to the size of Russia still continues to roam the Pacific Ocean. How to prevent this massive pollution? Oriol Segarra, CEO of Youbumerang, shares his solution.
#23: Machine Translation and the Future of Languages | Jose Conceição
Machine translation has been having great breakthroughs and receiving a lot of attention in media. How did it impact the jobs of translators? And on the darker side: How to prevent over 3000 languages from becoming extinct? What implications does it have for the sustainability agenda?


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