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25: (Non-)Traditional Education & Finding Your Passion | Jan Carbonell, Akademy.AI
If you are one of those people who are/were lost while being a student, then welcome to our club, you’re not the only one. How to find your calling while still being at the university? Should you join a bootcamp? And why the hell are they so expensive?! This is the time to answer all of your questions!
#24: “It’s Only One Straw”, Said 8 Billion People | Oriol Segarra, Youbumerang
Plastics... The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a waste island filled with plastics and of size up to the size of Russia still continues to roam the Pacific Ocean. How to prevent this massive pollution? Oriol Segarra, CEO of Youbumerang, shares his solution.
#23: Machine Translation and the Future of Languages | Jose Conceição
Machine translation has been having great breakthroughs and receiving a lot of attention in media. How did it impact the jobs of translators? And on the darker side: How to prevent over 3000 languages from becoming extinct? What implications does it have for the sustainability agenda?
#22: Data Science In Production | Christopher Collins from Glovo
How do data scientists work? What is it like to build a data project from idea to production? Chris Collins, a data scientist from Glovo, will share with us his journey becoming a data scientist - how he pivoted from engineering to data by building projects he is passionate about.
#21: Marketing Analytics with Katie King
Submerged in the AI trend with deep research, book publication, and years of business consultancy, Kate brings her AI insights to our show. We will poach concepts of AI in business and marketing with introduction to use-cases, updated tools, adoption perspectives, and end up touching bigger concepts such as AI ethics, employment, and education...
#20: Talk Python to Me – Juan Luis Cano
THE tool for Machine learning, data wrangling, EDA, automation... I am sure you have heard of the famous Python. What is the charm of this programming language and how can we learn and build impressive applications with it? Join the conversation with Python professor Juan Luis Cano
#18-19: AI Fighting Digital Manipulation & AI in Startups – Daniyal Shahrokhian
AI fighting digital manipulation? Not all issues have a technical workaround, and maybe the reason lies in the nature of how our minds work in a deeper philosophical sense...
#17: AI Against Modern Slavery – Adriana Bora
How to shape the global AI policy framework? Can governments find balance between caution & foresight and action that is rapid enough? How is AI being used to eradicate modern slavery? Dive with us into this thought-provoking conversation with Adriana Bora, AI Policy Researcher at The Future Society.


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